The Walnut Handler Coalition/SCTC Export Association met today and pooled their opinions to come up with their subjective estimate of 541,000 tons. This is up from the 489,000 ton 2013 crop. Most handlers are not actively selling new crop yet, but some business has been done as follows:
Jbo/Lge Chandlers: $2.25-2.28/lb.
Jbo/Lge Hartleys: $2.13-2.15/lb.
Jbo/Lge Vinas: $2.12-2.15/lb.
Chandler LHP 20%: 5.10/lb.
LHP 20%: $5.05-5.10/lb.

There is virtually nothing left of current crop at this time, so demand for early shipments of both inshell and kernels should be strong. Whether prices will hold after initial demand is filled remains to be seen. If you have any questions, or are looking for anything in particular, please let us know.